School Advisory Council (SAC)

Mill Creek Elementary School Advisory Council

2015-2016 SAC Members .

Leadership Kristin Arnold  & Tina Larson


Avita Beatty
Rueben Velaquez
Nerissa Hartford
Dana Goodson
Rema Shaban
Emaily Anderson
Kristina Dooley
Karen Mahan
Robin Lightsey
Philip Dugas
Matt Seaman
Terri Overman


– Community Partner
– Community Partner


Synethia Brown
Jessica Kendall
Donna Locke
Sharon Clark
Jamara Washington
Karin Thomas
Samantha Williams-Gardner

Administraion: Amanda Riedl, Principal

District Representative: Al Pantano

Meeting Dates:

September 29th
October 27th
November 17th
No Meeting in December
January 26th
February 23rd
March 29th
April 26th
May 16th — Time and Location TBA

All meetings begin at 4 pm and are held in the Kristin Arnold’s Classroom in Filly Plaza

The School Advisory Council Mission: SAC was created to enhance student’s learning through the cooperative efforts of parents, staff members and others in the community.

The School Advisory Council Responsibilities: *Review the school budget and make recommendations to the principal *Approve the vision, mission and goals of the school for inclusion in the school improvement plan *Approve all professional learning activities for which teachers request payment *With the collaboration of the school staff, make recommendations on how to spend school recognition money.


September Meeting Notes:

ARCHIVED ITEMS 2014-2015-:
SAC Agenda April 28 2015
SAC Meeting Minutes-March 24, 2015
SAC Agenda Jan 27 2015.1
SAC Meeting Minutes-November 18 2014
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Agenda Nov 18 2014
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Meeting Minutes-October 28 2014
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Agenda Oct 28 2014
MCES SAC Meeting Minutes 9-2014
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Agenda Sept 23 2014
ARCHIVED ITEMS 2013-2014-:
Mill Creek Elementary June 2014 SAC Minutes
Agenda for the September Meeting Meeting
MCE SAC Agenda 5-27-14
MCES SAC Meeting Minutes March 25 (4)
MCE SAC Agenda 3-25-14
MCES SAC Meeting Minutes 2-25-14
MCE SAC Agenda 2-25-14
Mill Creek January 2014 SAC Meeting Minutes
MCE SAC Agenda 12-18-13
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Dec Minutes
Mill Creek SAC Mtg Minutes 9-10-13
MCE SAC Agenda 0-22-13
MCE SAC Agenda-updated 10-22-13 2
Mill Creek SAC Mtg Minutes 10-22-13
Mill Creek Elementary SAC Dec Minutes
New By-laws January 2013
Potential Mill Creek SAC By-Laws